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Five reasons, why I love Data science

Data science - is a hype field of science that is associated with the study of data of various types. These data are generated by various sources - user behavior, machine logs,

instrument indicators, etc.

It was 2016 when I worked as a business-analyst and solved the problem associated with extracting useful metrics and indicators for a trading company. We generated data from CRM, an average of 400,000 records per year. It's was very important to start learning Python because simple Excel did not cope anymore. The result of my research was a recommendation system for average indicators of raw material production, which led to an increase in net profit by 10%. After work, I was so delighted. I played with Python-like I used to play Starcraft and GTA. And I began to dive into the world of Data Science without looking back…

And I identified for myself five main reasons, why I love Data science:

1. The ability to work remotely.

And this is exactly what I am striving for. The ideal employer for me is who provides freedom of work schedule. Free schedule this doesn't mean - not to work. As for me, a free work style gives me disciplines, teaches me to develop the right habits and appreciate my right time management.

2. The solution to unusual puzzles. Problem-solving.

For maintain good spirits, our brain needs to get at least 7% of new information per year. The tasks that Data science solves are often very interesting and useful.

3. Stay in what's happening trend.

Neural network architectures, databases, computer vision, time series forecasting, customer behavior, news aggregates, finance.

A data scientist can quickly master the necessary field using machine learning tools and draw competent conclusions or make some system prototype. You need to spend 10,000 hours to become an expert in any field ... AI will complete in 500 hours.

4. Income and working "buns".

Data science specialists get good money and career opportunities. On average, globally, you can count on 70-140K per year, which is pretty good :) Benefits and company buns are also impressive, fitness, pool. Medical insurance, training, working iron.

5. The people.

The modern working culture in IT companies - it seems just like a paradise - is an environment of smart people who know what a comfortable environment, competently organized space and relationships are. A culture of respect and tolerance hovers in IT companies.

If you want to become a good chess player, you should always play with stronger opponents. In Data Science, all the people I talked to were very smart. Often after talking with them, I ran home, opened a laptop and outlined the thoughts of people or looked for new information.

There are so many more reasons to love Data science because researching trends, understanding the depth of processes, and friendship with a computer is quite a cool thing, fun and exciting :) The amount of information is growing exponentially ... swoop on!

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