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Customer: PJSC "Sberbank"

Customer: PJSC "Sberbank"


Project manager Grigoriy Sokolov - Quality Bank design

Task: Development of design estimates for reformatting offices and bank branches.


Before starting the project, it was necessary to know the features of the existing database. For this, I thoroughly studied the internal documentation (to my surprise, I was provided with access to all the necessary documents for the execution of works). Further it was necessary to clearly imagine what requirements should be dealt with, because it was necessary to work with a very large and serious customer. When this stage was behind, it only remained to select reliable and verified contractors.

The peculiarity of work on this project was that PJSC "Sberbank" is not any small private company, but a bank considered to be a real circulatory system of the Russian economy. Therefore, it was necessary to develop and prepare all documentation for participation in tenders.

The amount of work that was to be done impressed with its scale. Namely, it was necessary to prepare 10 projects for different premises. Each of them contained a package of documents for reformatting, reconstructing and re-planning offices and offices of PJSC "Sberbank". If you do not go into the technical details of the description of each step, then the general list of works on the design estimates looked like this.


Engineering survey Technical reinforcement Access control systems Coordination of re-planning with all instances Structured cabling systems Work with public utilities Ventilation and air conditioning Estimated documentation at regional rates Defective sheets Security television Electric lighting Design project Security alarm Accomplishment Architectural and planning solutions Fire alarm Electric installation Pneumatic mail


The work did not end with the development of design and estimate documentation. For the proper implementation of the project by third-party organizations, it was necessary to produce and post project services. Therefore, I did not relieve myself of responsibility and at the stage of installation works, conducting necessary and timely consultations. Also, each of the 10 projects involved the construction supervisor.