Chile has so much energy that consumers get it for free

This is very good for consumers, but bad for energy suppliers

The price of electricity in Chile for 113 consecutive days this year fell to zero at some point. The fact is that Chile has powerful solar power plants that supply energy in excess. There are many sunny days in this country, and the stations produce a large amount of energy. It is so big that there is simply nowhere to put it. Therefore, consumers receive electricity for free.

For Chile, this is not a novelty. Last year there was a similar situation, when energy prices kept at the zero mark of 192 days. This year the record is likely to be beaten. Local residents and owners of energy-intensive enterprises, of course, are happy. But everything is not as rosy as it may seem - free energy has a negative side. The fact is that the energy companies in Chile belong to private business, which now does not receive any profit or income. But maintaining the energy infrastructure in working order requires money.