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Japan business secret. Part 3

In order to simplify the whole process itself of collecting and processing the necessary documents for opening companies, many entrepreneurs tend to hire Japanese specialists in the matter who accompany them throughout the paperwork. Thus escort can speak accountant, lawyer or auditor. The first step is preparation of the following documents: founding document, the list of founders and registration document. Adding to these documents, printing application, notarized and filed all the documents to the appropriate body responsible for the registration of new companies. Print

Certification can only be issued to a foreign citizen of Japan or a person who has a tourist or business visa. If you are neither one nor the other, you will be given an assurance that only after the bonding of all the documents your signature and the signature of a notary in your home country.

Do not worry about not knowing the Japanese language. Of course, language skills will be an advantage for you only, but now in Japan, many of the documents and the business is conducted in English. When choosing a lawyer who will arrange your documents, and give preference to those who have a good command of English it is.

What business do in Japan If we talk about small business, the most profitable areas of a restaurant business and the production of clothing (in particular, the kimono). Also a good profit can bring a company to manufacture and sell mats (straw products are used for different purposes). If you take a course at a large business, we advise to pay attention to the transportation and construction industries.

Retail trade as food and various other commodities, demand in any country. And Japan is no exception. The main thing to carefully analyze the market of the product to which you want to trade, and to find out where and how best to do it.

Support for small businesses in Japan Small business is very important for the Japanese government, so it makes every effort to maintain and develop it. In Japan, a law prohibiting any large enterprise to become a monopoly in the industry. Monitor compliance with this law authorized the antimonopoly authority. If the rights of small businesses have been in any way prejudiced, then deal with the situation will be control by the Small Business Administration.

In matters of financing small businesses often turn to the big banks, which provide a variety of programs and facilities for financing. Get the benefits of a small business and in relation to the purchase and modernization of equipment, restoration of production facilities or other facilities.

Almost ten years ago, a law was passed authorizing the opening of the business in Japan without an initial capital (in accordance with documents starting capital would mean a rate of 1 yen). Thus it is necessary to observe a few conditions. At the initial stage it is necessary to assure the incorporation and statutes of a special bureau for the economy, industry and trade. When permission was granted, but this company is committed to regularly publish reports about their material condition and fulfill all the conditions relating to the size of the initial capital. If after five years, the company and will not have the available funds in the amount of the required start-up capital, the company will be forced to either shut down or transferred to another legal form of organization.

Corporate taxation in Japan If it is good to understand the Japanese system of taxation, it is clear that it is quite clear. Main the following taxes: general income tax or corporation branch - 22-30% (depending on the profits of the enterprise), the local income tax - 20.7% based on the total tax, tax on business - 9.6% of the profits. The mandatory financial statements and other reports on its activities applies absolutely to all enterprises in Japan.

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