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Japan business secret. Part 2

Small business in Japan

It has long been widely believed that the idea of ​​starting their business in Japan, our compatriots should be immediately dismiss - ostensibly to own Russian man is very difficult in this country. In part, this is true: Japan - a small country, and its market has long been divided between "their" (ie, Japanese). Wedge to a foreigner would be difficult even for the reason that the Japanese are very wary of people non-Asian appearance.

However, despite all this, there are quite a few examples of business practices, when Russian people have started to do business in Japan, and did so very successfully. If you are thinking about how to open his company abroad, and Japan is a priority country for you in this issue, this article is for you.

Small business in Japan

Small and medium enterprises in Japan, plays a major role in the economy. State-owned enterprises in Japan is very small, so virtually the entire economy is held only by private entrepreneurs.

Japan - is a prime example of how it is possible in one country is perfect to combine small and medium businesses. For example, in Japan, small businesses forces resolved the issues of construction of residential buildings, and the forces of medium-sized businesses - office buildings, high-rise apartment buildings, buildings for large-scale industrial enterprises, etc. Another example is from the transport sector: small businesses working on the freight, and the average - on taxis and bus companies.

How to open a business in Japan In Japan, as in all other countries, there are several legal forms of enterprises. To describe them all, we will not give only the most common and the ones that are most suitable for the company's registration from an alien. It is a limited liability company (Yugen Kaisha), corporation (Kabushiki Kaisha) and a branch company, geographically isolated (could be in another country, Branch office). Japanese law does not imply any restrictions or specific conditions for the entrepreneur who has decided to open a company in this country. That, of course, simplifies the entire business registration process. However, some features of which you must know in advance all the same there.

Choosing between the two forms - a limited liability company and joint-stock company - entrepreneurs often repelled by their financial capabilities. To register your company, you must have the initial capital in the amount of at least 10 million Japanese yen. But for the registration of a limited liability company enough and 3 million yen. If you do not pay attention to the financial question, the rest is more beneficial to open joint stock company. For public companies, both closed and open types of Japanese government refers more loyal. It created especially for companies such favorable financing conditions and the limited liability of founders only to the extent of their personal stakes, and the public relates to the joint-stock companies with the greatest confidence. The joint stock company must have at least three directors.

To open a branch, of course, you already own the parent company, a subsidiary which will be opened. Restrictions in terms of the minimum start-up capital at the opening of the branch does not exist. Another plus in the opening of a branch in Japan - there is not any taxation of such companies. To open a branch, it must be registered with the Office of Legal Affairs. The person managing a subsidiary branch, may not be a citizen of Japan. For the rest of the forms of enterprises (including and to the joint stock companies and limited liability companies) established the system of taxation applied. Required internal audit is only present in the two types of joint stock companies.

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