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Project Management | A Visual Guide Through the Ages

We live in a constantly evolving world; every day we see innovation at play, we witness the birth of new technologies, we open our minds to new methodologies even as we strive for faster but more efficient processes. In our daily lives, one way or another we find ourselves managing a project or two; whether it’s building your first house or volunteering to provide safe drinking water to less privileged societies, we eventually wear the project management badge of honor.

As we work on these “projects”, we strive to see how we can improve our current process, we desire a faster alternative and this leads to certain changes along the way. The changes and improvements we see in our everyday lives, also apply to the practice of project management; the discipline as we know it today owes its growth and advancements to a series of discoveries and decisions that go back thousands of years.

This proves that project management is by no means a modern discipline as its foundations can be traced back to ancient pyramids of Giza. From the simple practice of planning and coordination to web-based project management, the discipline has come a long way and this infographic, tells us just how far.

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