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New age of research

Technology evolves very quickly, and sometimes we do not have time for them.

I picked up several search methods for specific information:


Service displays the coordinates, altitude and speed of the aircraft, as well as displays on the map the distance traveled from the place of departure. If there is information in specialized sources (eg, websites spotters), can also display a photo, type of aircraft, its tail number, belonging to the airline, the place of departure and landing, and a number of other information. At the service is carried out post flight history over the past 28 days.


Living Map MarineTraffic courts. Discover the details and positions of ships worldwide. Search ships in the base data MarineTraffic


Search for projects and grants allocated


World Atlas


Finance research for global markets


Student, University of Texas at Austin James Yoder created a website Stuff in Space, which displays the position of all satellites (blue dots), rocket bodies (red) and debris (gray), orbiting the Earth

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