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Masdar , UAE

This city of the future is now in the final stages of construction. The first residents are already populated in their apartments . Masdar - not just artificially created city applying for status as a world center of renewable energy and environmentally friendly technologies . This new way of thinking and life, vision for the future , based on the latest trends .

City has 50 000 people. The main sources of energy are wind , sun and hydrogen . The program includes a mandatory recycling of waste , some of the components that will be used in road construction. Masdar is designed in such a way as to use 54% less electricity and water than average in Abu Dhabi .

Realizing the economic fluctuations that depend on the use of natural resources, the government of Abu Dhabi for example Masdar seeks to demonstrate the possibility of leaving on unstable oil market.

#Engeneering #Development

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