Fix to 31

1. It is terrible for everyone. And beautiful, and talented, and smart, and lucky. Start new. Out of the usual circle. To risk. Doing something that is not yet used. It is terrible for the family. For business. During his life, if the kiss. And much more. Fear will continue. No matter how many experience, practice, confidence, recognition, money, talent, but every time swinging to a new height, each time leaving the stage, each time turning on the close - to one degree or another is the fear. This is normal. This means that you are still alive. And then you need to go forward. Through fear. And do not try to get rid of him. 2. Life does not exist without change. The stability is illusory. We are constantly on the move. We are constantly changing external and internal, these processes do not stop for a second. And second, how to measure the measures are even a lot. Processes are every moment. This set is seconds. Question: "change or not change" at a reasonable person can not stand. Just: "Do I have the attitude to these changes and to what extent?"