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1. It is terrible for everyone. And beautiful, and talented, and smart, and lucky. Start new. Out of the usual circle. To risk. Doing something that is not yet used. It is terrible for the family. For business. During his life, if the kiss. And much more. Fear will continue. No matter how many experience, practice, confidence, recognition, money, talent, but every time swinging to a new height, each time leaving the stage, each time turning on the close - to one degree or another is the fear. This is normal. This means that you are still alive. And then you need to go forward. Through fear. And do not try to get rid of him. 2. Life does not exist without change. The stability is illusory. We are constantly on the move. We are constantly changing external and internal, these processes do not stop for a second. And second, how to measure the measures are even a lot. Processes are every moment. This set is seconds. Question: "change or not change" at a reasonable person can not stand. Just: "Do I have the attitude to these changes and to what extent?"

3. Quickly - is slowly but without interruption. No need to fast, intense, cool, very powerful. It is enough to just regularly. The most important thing - to keep the rhythm. In a little bit, but with a stable consistency. And after a while, from the side, it will look at how quickly, intensely cool and very powerful. 4. Create more than consume. Otherwise, everything. Hopelessness consumer, ornately woven into a meaningful conclusion: "Everything is good, but not good." Man must do something. Voluntary and loving. This is the formula of his mental health. A bonus, curiously - it is the only way to enjoy the pleasure of consumption, which will not destroy it. We can assume this process - mental healthy metabolism. 5. Today - this is what you did and thought yesterday, and tomorrow - this is what you do and think today. This phrase should be repeated, like a mantra for as long as it reaches your parents are not relevant to your adult problems. Anyway, they are not to blame, there is no one to replace the plate in your head, which devoured a child. 6. There's no guarantee. The basic rule of the universe through which you need to pass all its decisions and plans. 7. The era of secret knowledge that can make a difference, is finished. As the era of informational hygiene. Already five years, as the knowledge is not the main currency in question and achievements of a meaningful existence. Internet their devalued their availability. He was replaced by concentration. The ability to maintain attention on the task at hand and do not spill the interest - that is who governs. And this skill is directly dependent on the information noise, which is now everywhere. The more verbal garbage around - the weaker the focus. The more the thoughts of others, the softer your own voice. Constant presence in the online stream atrophies ability to self-realization, replacing the essence of the concept that it is. 8. Joy and pleasure - not the same thing. We never get the joy of chocolate cake, wine glass of wine or a cigarette. We do not get joy from new boots or spirits. It is important to call a spade a spade - we enjoy. And here's another chemistry. The nature of this feeling is very short-lived and is inextricably linked with the subsequent dissatisfaction, boredom, satiety and desire to the new portion. Do not be afraid to indulge in pleasures, terrible not to have known the joy. 9. The suffering there. Buddha was right after all. The suffering there. Suffer all. And those who have nothing, and those who have everything. And who exactly at this moment does not suffer, will go into a pain in the following as soon as change the dollar, will the attack, will receive a response that it did not like, will see the dirty staircase, do not wait for a response to a message, will not receive cash or any other breeze. The suffering there. And always without reason, if you remember the ending of any human being. 10. Being happy can not be all. Is every person can be happy? Yes of course! But this theory. In practice, consistently happy, that is calm, balanced, benevolent, if you will, may be only those who have attained the discipline of the mind. Whose mind is capable of (trained), not to twitch all the numerous occasions that surround it. Who can remain in equilibrium joy not only in calm weather, but in a burst of unpleasant situations. Otherwise, all the endless excuses of scratches on your car will throw you in pain, irritation and anxiety. And this is just some kind of a machine, and there is the same situation and serious. Happy a hunted mind reacts to any occurrence, it can only be described in the status Instagrama. 11. Joy - is the balance of the mind. Tell me it's 5 years so ago, I would have shook his temple. When you day and night to dream big bright love, happy family, an interesting profitable business, the ability to work for themselves, rather than the other, rich travel life, it seems that, vse-taki, you have kakie-to idea of ​​joy, at least of its own. Yes, you are now largely not satisfied, but something that can bring you out of yourself, but you are in anguish. So it is understandable. But you know what to strive for. Do you know where your tangible lasting joy, looking at her, so alluring, dream. Joy - a state of complete peace of mind equilibrium, which is achieved with the release of the Blind (automatic) reactions of the mind itself. Healthy, perhaps the only, way to know (and develop) this condition in adulthood - a deep meditation observation. 12. Fruits - not acidic and alkaline foods. If scientifically, fresh ripe fruits and vegetables cause almost all in the body alkaline and help to neutralize the excess acid in it, and starch, sugar, meat, fats, oils, dairy products, on the contrary, the body becomes acidic. Full description are in Table N. Walker and R. Pope, which is available through Google. 13. "My body knows itself that it is better" - one of the most insidious trap of the mind. The body wants to drink an alcoholic, smoker's body is dreaming of a cigarette, your body craves chocolate and fries. What kind of "know better" everyone says? As well as the mind lives automatic reactions, not allowing a person to do the basic shifts in your life, and the body is subject to habits and chaotic impulses of lust. 14. Nutrition affects not only our body but also our mind. Like alcohol, which considerably alters our consciousness, dulling it, some of the products bear a similar effect, but in a less pronounced and often unconscious form. Food may slow and defocus head, weakening control, the power of awareness and clarity of perception. Slightly "blurred" the state level become the norm, allowing a person to forget what it means to ease and clarity really is. Most "free" meal - a fresh fruit and vegetables, as well as plant foods and cereals, cooked in a simple manner with a minimum content of oil, spices and salt. 15. Money should be enough to not think about them. Money does not solve the main question of humanity - they do not make its owner happy. But the opportunity for them to think, at least in the home, substantially releases energy for other processes. 16. We are all the same much more than different. Meaning of personal uniqueness greatly exaggerated and does not allow us to quickly resolve their problems. All answers and solutions exist for a long time, and fixation on their uniqueness does not give a man push your ego to where it would be useful to be always and without interference to perceive the surrounding reality with all the answers and tips. 17. Dependence treated only 100% failure. You can not drink a glass of wine, if you are an alcoholic. You can not smoke sometimes if you try to quit. You will constantly twist. Ups and downs. Disruptions. In matters of psychotronic "hooks" no halftones. And this rule is firm for dependencies of all kinds. 18. The status of the internal 100% willingness to change does not exist. We are always ready to rotate, and change to the end. There is always a strong "but" and causes a bit postponed until a more favorable situation. It is useless to wait for a clear internal consensus, should be resolved based on the most "high time" than ephemeral readiness. 19. Life - a book, the first chapter of which were not written by you. Oh, and the next - too often. We are made of beliefs and patterns of the world around us and the world - is not an abstract planet earth, and quite concrete staircase, office, home - a place where we spend time. They are friends, colleagues, parents, salespeople in the store with which you face every night. This tape in social networks and so-called friends from Facebook. We absorb the views, position, point of view, just automatically, we inhale them from the air and become the same or opposite vice versa, which is also the time of the automatic denial. As a child, this process is completely out of control. The essence of our being collected by other people and informed parental contribution (if it ever was) there is not prevalent. The fact that we take and what we need to be afraid to lose according to some psychologists - just varying degrees of mosaic beauty of our surroundings. Nothing to lose. I think that's great news. You can redraw all in any sort of way. 20. The result - the number of attempts. And not a single well-aimed shot. And certainly not with the long-term success. 21. What helped you at one stage may be a brake on the exit to the next. The ability to radically change characterized by the ability to give. But not only on what's stopping you. Sometimes it is very important to give up that helped you in the past. A simple example: the rules of small businesses do not work on average. Growing up without giving up some of them, even though they raised the process yesterday - it is impossible. Also with the human personality - its installations plans. 22. For the comfort zone is the zone of discomfort. Instead of a box of chocolates. 23. Life without a purpose does not exist. Also, as the condition of no change. The only question is: Can you put these objectives itself or left to the instinct (unconscious goals). 24. Lenny - does not exist. There unloved classes, lack of energy and lack of large-scale vision that captured the spirit of opening prospects. And there is no laziness. 25. Self can not be found, you can only create itself. Search for nothing and nobody. You always here and now. And your way - is that under our feet in this particular moment with you, nothing more. The very "own" way different from what it is not only the fact of awareness going, which paves albeit small, but quite tangible goals. When the target is determined by other people, or they germinate erratically through the word "should" - no way no, there is a set of disparate episodes restless. 26. Alcohol is not needed. At all. 27. Unrealized potential causes pain. It is futile to hide from this fact to the selected level of comfort and beautiful philosophical concept, the same stories about femininity, motherhood and more. For every demand for talent with us. 28. Banks should pay you, not you to them. This is the only possible financial health. Never never ever worth buying something that is not earned. Never. In any case, if the dreams of major changes. We pay the bank not only money, but also for its free energy. Spaces for risk and adventure is almost no progress. A break from this state (especially a new financial level) is hardly possible. 29. The two abilities that you need to learn as early as possible: the ability to strain and relaxation. Any movement requires exertion at one time or another. If you go to him reluctantly, out of necessity - is consumed twice as much energy. Part of the effort in the self, the rest - on the mental stress. On the internal struggle. Hence the need to learn how to strain at will, to love their effort. With the ability to strain freely, seeing it as extremely positive aspect, the amount spent force reduced significantly. It will get more and more easily. And the ability to relax - to accept reality as it is, to let go of their own expectations, unleashing internal nodes and removing physical stress - the second wing, without which one voltage do not take one far. 30. The two answers that you need to learn as early as possible, "Yes" and "No". Saying "Yes" situations and people in spite of the absence of guarantees, full internal readiness and various external circumstances. And to say "No" in the first place to himself - his weaknesses, fears and inner promiscuity. And only far later - others. 31. Cool things different from the ability to do good to forget yourself. The Creator is different from a man who is something good does that puts itself above case, in the process of dissolving the ego. And he does it consciously and loving, and not by choice or lack of a sense of duty. So a marketer can be a true musician in the profession, as a musician, so for life and is the one who has to deal with music.


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