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How to win the tender. 18 secrets

How to win the tender. 18 secrets

If you think about it, the main task - to salesmanship and customer interest. It is important to determine who your customers are and to direct action on the implementation of these requirements. There are 18 the most important rules to be followed when submitting the documents:

1. In order to find out their needs, always call them. When you call the client, not only to ask for a copy of the tender document or sheet of specifications. You need to find out why they are calling for tenders, that is important to them and why they want to carry out the project. Communicate with customers, learn them, to find out what they are in reality. You'll be surprised how much information you can find - the priceless information for the creation of the tender. 2. Follow a formula that has already been tested. Instead of just talking about the ability to do the job, start with the definition of the customer's problem (specify why they have included one or other criterion). Then you can talk about the reverse side of this problem. When you have done this, you can talk about solving the problem, how do you really want to fulfill their needs. You need to include information about the process that you will use. Prove your statements, including case studies, results, warranty and reviews. 3. Send them a letter with the preliminary proposal. After calls to clients, you should send them a letter. The letter should be written "thank you for the information," and the letter should include anything that will make them feel good about the fact that they want to achieve. Finish the letter should be words of gratitude, as well as to write that you are waiting for drafting the contract with them. An important factor in your success is to establish relationships with potential customers, relationships that start from when you first called them. 4. Conduct research. Learn everything possible about this company. Look on the Internet; ask clients to send you a brochure; learn what their competitors do; find out their tasks, their company culture. By doing this, you will feel that it is important for the company and will be able to include it in the preparation of tender documents. 5. Follow the instructions exactly. When you are preparing documents for government tenders, there are specific guidelines that should be followed. If there are other sections that you want to include, you can put them at the end of the tender document. 6. Use graphs and tables. Display data in graphical form rather than as text. Turn on the comparison of the results with the results of other companies. 7. Make a list of your most impressive clients. By listing your customers, you give a potential client to understand how you will be able to cope with the scale of their business. 8. Provide a list of the results that you have achieved. Doing this, you prove that your company can offer them the same. 9. Turn on the guarantee. During the tender, people can be very skeptical. They fear not get the results they expect. If you promise to return the money to the client, in case of failure, this will remove a lot of barriers to working with you 10. Include some comments about you. If you say something about themselves, the clients can not believe you, but if someone else says about you, it is much more efficient. 11. Tell us about the emotions. It is true: people buy their emotions to justify their purchases by using logic. It goes without saying that if you go to human emotions, you will get better results. Write to the extent that, as you say. 12. Tell us about the benefits that you bring to them. People do not care how much you are professional, or even how long you have been in business. They just want to know what you are going to do for them, how you are going to provide the expected results, and what it will mean for them. 13. Use more often the word "you." It helps human interest. 14. Think of the tender document professionally. The document, which is professionally presented, gives the feel that you are professional, too. 15. You should include action plans so that your customers know what you expect from the action, and when they should expect. This will give potential clients a much clearer idea of ​​how you will carry out their demands. 16. Include some graphics to your customers know at what structure your business running. Many people perceive visually, and they need to see things in a chart form, to understand how it works. 17. Turn on the corporate profile of your company: experience, skills and qualifications of your key people, your philosophy and your results. 18. You need to use the names of people in the bidding documents. Most people love when you say their name. The use of names in documents creates an instant connection between you and your customer.

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