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The exploration of various data is usually digital. Analysis of these data leads to the conclusions that can later be used for business development, planning, economics and other social and political spheres. Analytics is in demand in the commercial structure: large and small production companies engaged in wholesale and retail trade. All government agencies use research conducted by analysts. Science, industry, natural resources - they all depend on the conclusions which are led by analysis.

  • Analysis of the organization.

  • Analysis of information for forecasting economic conditions for future use in making investment decisions for the calculation of future income and expenses.

  • Analysis of the project feasibility.

  • Collection of economic, legal and industrial information

  • Collection of data for financial reports.

  • Calculation of financial criterion.

  • Assessment of the level of financial risk.

  • Giving recommendations about the time of investment and purchase and sale transactions.

  • Preparation of financial reports.

  • Statistics (quantum), evaluation methods

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