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Engineering is different.

Engineering is different.

TRIZ-engineering- engineering, which is based on the methodological theory of inventive problem solving and value analysis. Technological engineering- means to provide the customer with the technologies needed for the construction of an industrial facility and its operation (contracts for the transfer of manufacturing experience and knowledge), to develop projects for energy, water and transport supplies. Construction engineering- is mainly the supply of equipment, technology and / or assembly of systems, including, engineering works. These three types of international contracts are now most common in international practice. Though full engineering contracts are also well-spread nowadays. They include a set of services: • The project feasibility studies • Research and analysis of capability of technical realization of the project. • Technical and economical optimization, the preliminary plan’s working out • The invention and preparation of the equipment. • The development of the working draft • Development of engineering and construction projects • Performing of coordination of deliveries, engineering, construction and installation works. • Start-up of the enterprise or any other infrastructure facility. • Supervising and consulting during the object operation. ​Thus, project feasibility analysis and capability of its’ realization take place usually at the very start. At this stage all the social-economic, technical, financial and ecological factors are investigated: - State of internal and external goods market; - Tendency in their production and consumption; - Firms and their competitors;- Distribution ways; - Governmental economic and trade policy, if it affects the conditions of the project; - Labour supply- Raw materials and electricity supply, etc. Development of the project and preparation of the terms for bidding for the equipment. Terms of bidding usually contain general requirements for establishing the order of its’ execution, administrative, legal and financial provisions, governing the relationship between a supplier and customer, technical specifications, drawings and schedules. Sometimes the preparation of the conditions of tendering for construction works take place at the same time. Evaluation of the proposals, concerning equipment supply. Comparing the received bid proposals with relevant requirements of the equipment reliability and performance, delivery schedules, prices and financial conditions, the consultant selects and recommends a specific client company (or several companies) for the purchase of equipment. Preparation of the conditions for bidding for construction and engineering works. After the final selection of the set of equipment, consultant develops plans of industrial buildings, warehouses, silos, water towers, roads and other civil engineering structures. Terms of bidding for engineering works include general requirements, technical specifications, drawings, etc. Assessment of proposals for engineering and construction works. Evaluation of the received is provided in the form of a summary report. Projects for companies constructions with a continuous production process are characterized by the union of the contractor and equipment supplier. For such projects bidding proposals for the supply of equipment simultaneously serve bids for engineering and construction work. Equipment production supervision. Such kind of services is provided when large, unique and special equipment should be supplied. It is done in order to ensure that it is produced in accordance with technical specifications. In these cases, the consultant usually oversees the operational tests of individual machines or several blocks OEM conducted by the manufacturer. Other engineering services. Consultant is involved in the later stages of the industrial project, in particular: · coordination of civil works, equipment and materials supply, installation of equipment;equipment installation monitoring; project start-up observation; · assistance in the preparation of engineering and technical personnel for the constructed object (foremen, engineers, operators and others); provision of services after the start-up of the industrial enterprise From my expirience: Technical engineering

  • Implementation of individual sections of individual model projects and supervision of the equipment erection and commissioning.

  • The development of the most demanding or complex sketches, drawings, concepts, rational economic choices of design solutions, production of the necessary calculations and drafting the explanatory note in any language.

  • Study of the proposed design of the future object or its part, its functional purpose, demanded requirements and specifications.

  • Preparation of the required design specifications and baseline data for the design of adjacent units.

  • Systematic supervision under the work process, its’ coordination in accordance with the approved schedule, distribution or redistribution of the workload between units.

  • Verification of engineering solutions in the design of output estimates.

  • Accounting and analysis of incoming complaints, organization or implementation of improvements, verification of technical solutions.

  • Participation in the consideration of the completed project, the verification of the necessary changes, made in it.

  • Use of advanced and modern methods and forms of organization and technologies in design, means and methods of design work.

Business - engineering

  • Studies of the main factors, which affect the dynamics of the consumer demand.

  • General company strategy is based is worked out on the basis of the marketing results.

  • Budget development.

  • Identification of the groups of potential consumers for the development of activities that promote the expansion of goods on the market.

  • Market prospects assessment, company’s prospects assessment, and market entry strategies development.

  • Defining the desired range of goods.

  • The development of the proposals to customize the products.

  • The identification of the goods stocks – their types, policy, way of use; the development of the concept of a dealer or distributor network creation.

  • The organization of collecting information from consumers about their goods satisfaction, claims and complaints; identifying the ways to eliminate deficiencies in the consumers’ claims.

  • Keeping in touch with the market by means of advertising, information service to inform consumers and promote products, business strategy promotions.

  • Offers of corporate identity and branding of company’s promotional items.

  • The promotional activities analysis; supervision under the competitors’ campaigns.

So as you can see. Engineering can be really very different.


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