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One of my cases

Here example of my progect management and development plan - case...

1. Legal analysis of the implementation of organizational scheme of the project

  • choice of legal forms

  • feasibility study

2. Tax optimizationn of the project

  • formation of options and choice of the tax scheme of creation and functioning (optimization of receipt and movement of incomes abroad, the issue of double taxation)

3. Creating a legal entity

  • drafting the charter and other founding documents

  • creation of authorized capital

  • legal entity registration in tax authorities, government funds, the State Committee of Statistics and other authorities

  • opening of bank accounts

4. Permition making

5. Selecting an object / Search for platform

  • search and selection of platform

  • organization of inspection platforms, negotiations with representatives of local authorities on the conditions of platform usage

6. Acquisition of land

Rental or purchase of the selected undeveloped or built-up area

  • independent expert assessment

  • determination of the boundaries of the land and its registration in the land registry

  • transfer a land plot from one category to another (for non-industrial land), may be accompanied by compensation for loss of agricultural production

  • negotiation of the terms of the transaction

  • the contract of sale or lease

  • registration of ownership of land or the right to lease

  • Acquisition of land from the state / municipality

Rent with the preliminary approval of the location includes:

  • application to the state or municipal body of land selection

  • Selection of municipal authority of the land plot with registration of the act and the decision on preliminary approval of the location of the object

  • establishment of land boundaries on the ground and its cadastral registration

  • adoption of a state or municipal body's decision to provide land for rent

  • damages compenasation of land rights (in the case of their withdrawal )

  • signing and state registration of land lease contract

Purchase or rent without the prior approval of the location includes:

  • work on the formation of the land plot by the expense of government

  • decision state or municipal body for tenders (tenders, auctions) and the publication of the relevant messages

  • request direction on participation in tenders

  • tendering for the sale of land or the right to conclude a lease

  • signing the state registration of the contract of sale or lease of the land

Acquisition of land from private individuals includes:

  • carrying out legal examination of documents about the rights to the land and corporate documents of rightholder

  • receiving from state and municipal various information and conclusions about the legal status of the land and the possibilities of its use

  • acquisition of land by the conclusion of the contract of sale ( or lease ) , the purchase of shares or shares of the legal entity or another method depending on the circumstances

  • state registration of rights to land

  • change the category of land ( if necessary) - the acquisition of land from the government as well as private individuals may be accompanied by the necessity to change the category of land and compensation for loss of agricultural production (eg , transfer of land from agricultural to industrial).

7. Development of appropriate preproject documentation

  • development of planning documentation and approval by state and city government

  • preparation and agreement of technical conditions for connection of the proposed facility to the utilities :

- Gaz-electric power

- Water supply, wastewater (sewage )

- Telephony and radio

  • design choice land ( the site , track ) for the construction

  • organization, preparation and conduct of public hearings on the location of the object construction

  • construction permition (basic government authorization , which is required for the construction works )

8. Elaboration of design documentation

  • equipment design

  • the design of structures

  • approval of project documentation (ecological expertise, fire inspection, architectural bodies, etc.)

9. Construction and manufacturing § general contractor choise and the conclusion of a general contract for construction § control over the construction works

  • provisional acceptance of the construction of facilities and identified gaps construction

  • technical supervision of construction

  • support for obtaining opinions on the subject:

- Sanitary-epidemiological conclusion

- Sign the supervisory authorities

- Conclusion of the Department of Architecture of the state environmental expertise conclusion of the State departmental examination - Conclusion of the Ministry of Culture the facility to operate

10. Import / procurement and installation of production equipment Accompanying the customs equipment and goods supplyment:

  • development of recommendations in accordance with the tax and customs legislation on the use of different modes of delivery of equipment

  • a prior decision on the classification of goods , obtaining the classification decision , including the preparation of the necessary documents for submission to the customs authorities

  • contracts for the import and installation of equipment

  • customs " purification " of the imported equipment (if under certain conditions, technological equipment imported exempt of customs duties )

  • special order permition for storage of goods of the Customer

  • customs clearance of shipments of construction equipment

11.Final official inspection of completed construction by the State Commission for acceptance into expluatation

  • preparation of the report of the official acceptance of the object and the introduction into operation

12. Registration of ownership rights to the objects (buildings)

  • maintenance procedures for obtaining ownership

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