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TRIZ- Engineering

TRIZ -engineering - knowledge-based engineering, which is based on the methodological theory of inventive problem solution and value analysis . TRIZ engineering is like classical engineering, is in " advanced " use of systematic approach in all aspects: in philosophical and methodological terms ( using philosophical categorical apparatus , including the concept of contradiction , the principles of shaping structures , look at the development of systems through the prism of the complex action of general , public and private decisions); organizational ( function-oriented formation "team" engineering firm ); technological ( used as tools for constructing the information model object calibrated system control issues by groups of information ( whereas in practice reengineering , looks much more modest - for example, " analysis by five questions " in ), and when you change systems - methods of resolving contradictions , particularly effective methods of synthesis processes by combining alternative systems. in social and psychological terms (taking into account differences of interests and identifying allies enemies among specialists of the client company , the particular features of perceptual psychology of people ingenious solutions that are manifested , for example, during the presentation of the results of engineering , etc.); in legal terms ( deeper and more qualitative information security , intellectual property). In such a system as engineering activity there should be no trifles. Everything must be weighed and considered. In terms of methodology, we are talking about using such tools as: law of the organization ( formation ) and development systems; Psychologically, TRIZ engineering technologies attach extract from the customer information on the necessary changes to the system. Thus, engineering object is important . This work is in the process of making answers to test questions .


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