Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Project management in Logistics

Logistics and PM

Logistics system - set of consumers and service providers and vehicles, roads, buildings and other property used for their delivery management system, 
Objects and subjects of transportation and logistics infrastructure, together with material, financial and information flows between them, which serve as the transportation, storage and distribution of goods. 
To let the logistics system function better, infrastructure of the system must function well. The process of goods transportation, warehousing and storage require specific hardware. 
These funds represent logistics infrastructure, and their relationship establish logistics system. Infrastructure should provide a clear and uninterrupted performance of all logistics functions. 

The structure of transport logistics infrastructure includes: 
transport links of all transport modes, including pipeline and transportation hubs, namely sea, river and air ports, container terminals, railway marshalling yards and transshipment terminals of combined transport; 
building and construction, which allows for warehousing and storage, together with their technical equipment, allows manipulation with goods and implement the basic functions, such as a complete set and packaging, as well as flooring, handling fronts ramp; 
nodal elements of logistics infrastructure, such as distribution centers, logistics services, transport and storage facilities; 
the device and means for processing and transmitting information together with appropriate software.

Functions of PM Director:
  • Logistics Management (logistics forecasts and plans, coordination of work on the design and implementation of logistics systems); 
  • calculation of logistics costs, budgeting, the organization of the works on creation and implementation of logistics information systems. 
  • Management of logistics and procurement (development of procurement plans, coordination of sourcing, analysis of the conditions of supply and security of supply, preparation and placement of orders with suppliers; contracts with suppliers, participation in determining the types and timing of payments under the contracts, the interaction with suppliers, reporting, and analysis of results of orders and deliveries). 
  • Inventory management (analysis of production plans ; plan reserves necessary for the continuous production; operating storage facilities ( rent, payments for energy , etc.) , maintenance (storage , inventory , internal displacement ) , insurance , costs and charges for inventory, design and application of inventory management system, inventory control circuit simulation , development of methods of accounting , assessment and modeling of stocks , monitoring the status of stocks. 
  • Warehouse activities ( types , location and size of warehouses needed to store material and technical resources and finished products , the definition of types of warehouse equipment and its optimal number of calculations , the cost of warehousing activities ; warehouse process (delivery of material and technical resources and products to warehouses , providing the necessary conditions for their regimes and warehousing ); optimize processes and products move resources within the company and develop guidelines for the organization of inventory control. 
  • Control and management of the transportation of goods from other regions , the definition of cargo carrier, based on the most effective schemes of transport organizations and the most appropriate means of transport ( in accordance with the standards of the transport conditions of certain types of goods), transport costs, technical and operational, economic and cost transportation indicators, identification methods and schemes optimization of transport and technological schemes of the delivery of goods; forwarding and other services related to the transportation of goods , transport plans, organization of transportation process (transfer of cargo carriers, control over the delivery of goods to the consignee, handling coordination ) analysis of the quality and timeliness of transportation of cargo delivery.