Saturday, October 3, 2015

My useful

Who can take interest in my services
Companies and private investors
Manufactures, factories
Developers and contractors
Municipalities and ministries
Railway stations, airports

About myself

Development, engineering and marketing.
Any geographical area. 12 years of experience. 
Client-oriented approach.
Effective project management.
Stress-resistant and purposeful.
30 years old.
International Driving License


Impartial opinion towards the company
The opportunity to work according to the management principles
The collaboration with specialists from all over the world
Innovative ideas
Flexible pricing
In case the result is not achieved, I give your money back

Project management 
Processes redesigning, verification and simulation
Preparation of the project route of the process: from order to post-sales activities
Project development of the equipment for manufacturing and civil constructions.
Architecture and design
Feasibility studies
Financial models
Logistics services
Tender procedures.
The mapping of process with the indication of its participants and functional tasks.
The study of the customer’s requirements to the final product.
The creation of demand and trend.
The cooperation with all the participants in the market
Company’s cycle timing analysis
Implementation, control and standardization
Symbiosis of scientific-technical and marketing activities
Technical supervision and consulting.
Re-engineering, TRIZ-engineering

New projects
Buildings and new constructions
Company’s process optimization
Expenses reduction
Sales increase
Project infrastructure arrangement
Market expansion of the company’s presence
New manufacture
New markets