Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Marketing PM

Marketing PM

Basic goals: 
• Research, analysis and evaluation of the needs of existing and potential consumers. 
• Providing the development of new products and services of the company. 
• Analysis, evaluation and prediction of the market state and development, including research of the activities of competitors. 
• Formation of assortment. Development of pricing. 
• Participation in the formulation of strategy and tactics 
• Sales of products and services of the company. 
• Marketing Communications. 
• Service. 

There are 4 blocks of complex functions: 
• analytic function 
• production function 
• Sales function 
• Control and monitoring functions

PD functions in marketing: 

  • Company’s management in accordance with existing legislation. 
  • Organization of work and effective interaction of the production units, departments and other structural divisions. 
  • Control of the tasks fulfillment and responsibilities execution over suppliers, banks and customers in accordance with the specific qualitative and quantitative indexes 
  • Organization of production and economic activities of the company consists in applying the methods of evidence-based planning of material, financial and labour costs, including the maximum mobilization of production reserves. 
  • The adoption of measures to provide organizations with qualified personnel. 
  • Contribution to the better knowledge and experience application of the personnel is achieved by providing it with better labour conditions, following the requirements of legislation on labour protection 
  • The solution to all issues within the limits of rights and performance of individual production order-management functions to other officers - my deputies, heads of production units and functional and production divisions of the organization. 
  • Providing: 
- Legality, timeliness and accuracy of documents, 
- Correct calculation and transfer of taxes and fees to the federal, regional and local budgets, insurance premiums to the state budget social funds, payments to banking institutions and funding for capital investments. 
- Repayment of debts on loans. 
  • Supervision under: 
- establishing salaries for employees. 
- making an inventory of fixed assets, inventory items and cash. 
- Bank engagement on the placement of free funds on bank deposits (certificates) and the acquisition of highly liquid government securities; oversee the accounting operations with deposit and loan agreements, securities. 

  • Guiding the development of strategic and detailed marketing plans in all areas of marketing activities. 
  • Development of section "Marketing" while preparing the business - plan 
  • Preparing budgets for works with the agreement of the company’s head. 
  • Economical distribution and control over the use of funds. 
  • Identification of the need for marketing research. 
  • Adoption of the goals, objectives and research programs. 
  • Management over the advertising campaigns, which the company carries out. . 
  • The development of the planning standards, marketing reports and advertising campaigns. Supervision under the work of sales department and marketing office. 
  • Immediate connection with the sales department; 
  • Adoption of the choice of research, creative, advertising and other third companies to perform the necessary work; 
  • Analysis of the results obtained in the study, development of additional proposals for necessary marketing activities; 
  • Supervision under the sales department and marketing office’s obeying the rules of internal regulations. 
  • Description of the internal business processes and monitoring of business processes in the marketing and advertising departments (decision-making, materials signing, processes and timing of works, approvals). 
  • Planning and implementation of marketing campaigns of the company. 
  • Development and implementation of marketing campaigns and campaigns aimed at both consumers and dealers, to promote brands, increase the turnover. 
  • Internet-marketing (web-sites, web-PR, information boards, search portals). 
  • Providing training and competition among third-party organizations for implementation of marketing programs; 
  • Preparation and signing the contracts with the third-party organizations. 
  • Development of the attributes of brands, branding standards 
  • Reduction of materials into a brand-book 
  • Supervision under the branding standards maintenance at the stage of marketing campaign realization 
  • Marketing analysis control 
  • Study the promising markets to expand the product range, enter adjacent markets 
  • Reporting on the effectiveness of the implemented marketing programs. 
  • Search and analysis of the prospects of commodities markets, the company's activities.